n Yard supernumeraries

Premiere Group Ltd. has labor force qualifications of:

  • Еngine fitters and mechanical engineers
  • Steel fitters
  • Welders
  • Pipe fitters
  • Marine electricians
  • Yard labour force of work shop technicians
  • Marine engineers of high experience in ship building and ship repairs
  • Marine radar / electronic / automatic engineers

n Agency and port protective agency service in port of Varna

 For all vessels attending Varna shipyards for repairs.

We provide a foreman per every 10 workers’ team and consist a gang leader for every 5 workers. The gang leaders organize the workers and liaising with the foreman. The supervisor ensure timely communication and act as a liaison between Assignor as managers and us as sub-contractor. They are engaged in the project management. They perform on-site monitoring of all activities related to the provision of workforce, machinery, consumables and materials, so they are responsible for the quality and timely project implementation. Our managerial staff, as well as our workers, have extensive experience both in the Bulgarian shipyards and abroad, including France. They have the necessary training and speak English. The supervisor and foreman and a large part of our workers, whom we will provide under this project, have worked for Tissot, STX France and Meyer Werft. They are acquainted with the system, the method of work, and the requirements, and possess the necessary experience. Supervisor and foreman obligations include engineering cost estimate  and quantities calculation of  necessary supplies and materials so as to ensure uninterrupted workflow. Hereby to achieve an optimal balance between quality, speed and productivity. Our company maintains a flexible average about 80 employees: pipe fitters, engine fitters, electricians and pullers, welders, steel fitters, grinders, tin workers and staff, that are expanded in running projects.



Well English speaking and able work alone at Yard conditions

All kind of yard mechanical work

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, cranes, winches, main engines, diesel generators, compressors, pumps, coolers, etc


n QUALIFIED WELDERS – specialists in electric arc welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and cast iron; specialists in welding with semi-automatic machines – MIG-MAG with СО2 and Ar.

Our workers are certified under the following welding methods:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (111/SMAW)
  • Submerged Arc Welding (121/SAW)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (135/GMAW)
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (136/FCAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (141/GTAW)

and for the following welding positions:

Butt welding of plate





Butt welding of pipe:





Fillet welding:







All our welders have long experience in welding and are certified in compliance with European Standard BS EN ISO 9606-1.  

The modern equipment and integrated technology allow for the fabrication of high-quality welding production in compliance with the European standards and requirements.



·        Production of ship hull structures, including construction of volumetric bow and stern sections;

·        Mounting of sections into blocks at pre-assembly stage and joining the blocks in the dock’s chamber.



PREMIERE GROUP LTD specialises in all types of pipe works in shipbuilding and industrial construction, including:

·        Pipe replacement, repair and modification;

·        Production and assembly of new pipelines;

·        Modular construction of piping systems;

·        Production and assembly of fire safety (HI-FOG, SPRINKLER) and piping systems on ships and in buildings;

·        Production and installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems;

·        Production and installation of pipelines afloat.

Our specialists are experienced in working with all types of pipes – steel, zinc-plated, and copper and have the qualification to join PE/PB pipes.


·        Pulling of cables;

·        Connecting switchboards;

·        Complete installation of el. part of BWTS in dock and afloat.  


Following extensive explanations by the supervisors and foreman, the quality control will be implemented on two levels:

·        by the foreman;

·        by the supervisor.

Every worker shall a complete РРЕ in compliance with the provisions of ISO 9001:2015, corresponding to the specific job. Should the site’s specific character requires the use of additional РРЕ, we shall provide them in due time. All HSE-related documents shall be translated into Bulgarian language so that the staff is informed in detail.

The company is capable of increasing the number of its personnel if necessary and in the interest of quality and timely completed work.

Many of the employees of PREMIERE GROUP LTD have been deployed both at Bulgarian and well-known European and global companies, which speaks for itself that they are familiar with the quality standards and requirements. The engineering and technical personnel have also enriched their experience abroad as supervisors and foremen. 

Having achieved one of our main goals, namely the introduction of our company to the foreign market as subcontractors and efficient deployment of our staff in and out of the country, we will stand our ground and continue our development as a company that has proved itself with quality, fast and upright work. The unanimity and teamwork of the professionals and the look into one common direction make us sure, determined and confident in our future growth!


25, 'Kap.Petko Voyvoda' Str.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Tel: +359-(0)52-600767, 600076
Mobile: +359-(0)888-650370
E-mail:  premiere@premieregroup.net