Some of our partners and clients:

 n Ship repairs and dry docking: we are working in close cooperation as brokers and subcontractors of:


  • “BULYARD Shipbuilding Industry”, Varna (ex Varna shipyard)
  • “MTG DOLPHIN” Shiprepair and Shipbuilding, Varna
  • “ODESSOS Shiprepair Yard S.A”, Varna

We are able to undertake all kind of afloat ship repairs and dry docking of vessels up to LOA 240 M, B 38 M, DWT 100,000

 n New building construction and repairs projects

  • VIKTOR LENAC SHIPYARD, Rijeka-Croatia (mechanical and pipe work, repairs)
  • BRODOGRADEVNA INDUSTRIJA d.d. Split-Criatia (steel work, new construction)
  • DAMEN SHIPYARDS, Galati-Romania (steel and pipe work new construction)
  • DAMEN SHIPYARDS, Mangalia-Romania (mechanical works)
  • VARD PIPING A/S, VARD Tulcea-Romania (pipe work new construction), NB-850, 851, 871, 906
  • VARD PIPING A/S, VARD Braila (pipe and steel work), Brevik project NB-831 Iceland Victory
  • VARD BREVIK, project NB-831 Iceland Victory
  • BULYARD SI, port of Varna-Bulgaria – work for refurbish of OSV vessel, Cecon Excellence, flag Canada (various jobs / pipe – steel – electrical – mechanical)
  • TEREM-SHIPYARD FLOTSKI ARSENAL, port of Varna-Bulgaria – mechanical, pipe, electrical work
  • MTG DOLPHIN SHIPYARD, port of Varna-Bulgaria – steel, mechanical, pipe work
  • ODESSOS SHIPREPAIR YARD, port of Varna-Bulgaria – mechanical, pipe work
  • GARBA INDUSTRIAL INC. Tampa-Florida/US (electrical work, refurbish and new installations)
  • SNEF S.A.R.L., France - electrical cables pulling, new construction at STX, Saint Nazare France
  • CHANTIERS PIRIOU S.A.R.L., France - steel work new construction, Concarneau-France
  • CHOUTEAU ATLANTIQUE S.A.R.L., France - steel work new construction, Saint Nazare-France
  • CONSTRUCTIONS MECANIQUES DE NORMANDIE S.A.R.L., France - steel work new construction, Cherbourg-France
  • ALEWIJNSE MARINE GALATI S.A. - electrical work, new construction, at Damen Galati and Damen-Mangalia
  • m/v EDT YAM – manufacturing and installation of hydraulic pipelines afloat
  • PLASTHIM-T, Aksakovo, Bulgariapipe work, welding
  • ALPA-ACIER, Gargenville, France – dismounting and installation of new cooling chamber
  • LUKOIL-NEFTOCHIM, Burgas, Bulgaria – steel work, pipe work, welding
  • KHAN OMURTAG AD, Shumen, Bulgaria – dismounting and installation of new roll gang
  • ELKAT S.A., Greece – pipe work and welding in power plant, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • PARTNER JSP, Varna, Bulgaria – pipe work in workshop
  • PARTNER JSP, Varna, Bulgaria - DUISBURG, GERMANY - Pipe fitters, steel fitters, welders
  • FERRERO ARDENNES, ARLON, BELGIUM – Maintenance - Pipe fitters, welders
  • DAMEN SHIPREPAIR BREST, BREST, FRANCE Shiprepair – mechanics, pipe fitters
  • Chaudr’ECO, France and Belgium - installation of fire systems (sprinklers)
  • INA refinery, Rijeka, Croatia  - welders
  • m/v CHARM C - mechanical works, overhaul of diesel generator
  • HEIDELBERG MATERIALS DEVNYA JSC, Devnya, Bulgaria - outfitting, pipe work
  • Tenova SpA, Genova, Italy - construction of chromefree pacivation machine structure
  • MK ENERGIES, Catane, Italy - electrical works, cable pulling

 n Shipowners-Travelling repair teams:

  • Greece: Oceanbulk Maritieme S.A., Eurobulk S.A., Roswell Navigation Corp., Thenamaris Ship, Management Inc., etc. Cosmoship S.A.,Hellas Marine Services SA
  • USA: Inmarsat Solutions AS, Inc. MillMack Corporation. Garba Industrial Inc.
  • Norway: NV Services A/S, Norwegian Gas Carriers ASA(NGC),Bergesen Worldwide Gas ASA, etc. Teekay Shipping ASA,
  • Holland: Kahn Scheepvaart B.V. Confidence Ship Management Co. Multraship (Towage & Salvage)
  • Denmark: Pon Power, Scandinava;
  • Service and maintenance of floating sheerleg “Cormorant’and towage fleet of Multraship B.V. TerneuzenThe Netherlands
  • Service and maintenance of dragging platform, barges of MillMac Corporation in Tampa USA
  • Service barge maintenance of FCC Construction – Spain (construction of Danube bridge 2 / VidinKalafat)





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